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We are a certified public accounting firm that has been providing professional services since 1973. Through this site, we invite you to learn more about our Firm and the services we offer. We have professional experts with specialized knowledge, which add value to the service we offer to our clients.

40 años PKF

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If you want to know more about our services, please contact us at pkf@pkfecuador.com or write us through our online application.

Our experience

Audit and Assurance
Audit and Assurance Audit tailored to your business, which reflects specific operational, regulatory and financial risks.
Taxation Our focus on maximizing tax planning opportunities, tax risk management and corporate tax governance allows us to work with you in partnership.
Management consultancy
Management consultancy We help you to increase your performance and minimize risks of your business.
Outsourcing A dedicated team of accountants to guide you in every step of the way.