PKF Ecuador is comprised by professionals in public accounting and economics, who are joined by representatives of other disciplines such as engineering, social sciences, systems, marketing, among others, who provide the interdisciplinary approach to be able to operate in the market as well as auditors, consultants and advisers in the management tasks that a company must carry out.

The evolution of PKF staff is guided by a comprehensive development plan that includes both the constant technical improvement of the human resource and its professional training of highest competence.

In order to achieve the individual development of each professional in our Firm, the process begins before its incorporation, partners and managers evaluate and select those professionals who have had outstanding academic performance and have demonstrated excellent skills for the exercise of their profession. Subsequently, professionals are incorporated into a training process, which is carried out every year and, according to their level of experience, participate in training and updating courses in different subjects.

The partners and some of our professionals are selected and oriented to be trained in a particular area of our professional practice, participating in postgraduate courses at universities, national and international seminars and other top-level technical studies in prestigious institutions.

Key staff

Edgar Naranjo L. Managing Partner and Tax Partner
Yesenia Tumbaco. Partner
Manuel García. Partner
Cristina Naranjo. Administrative Partner
Lidice Lainez. Administrative-Financial Department (Guayaquil)
Dora Avila de Sauleo Administrative and Marketing Department (Quito)