We satisfy the information and control needs of those Companies that do not have a structure that allows them to develop such activities or that want to outsource them.

The outsourcing of the administrative, accounting and labor tasks allows the Companies to focus on their main objective (commercial and productive), letting our Firm in charge about the process and financial information of the company. We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals.

Some of the services of our Outsourcing department are:

  • Development and improvement of administrative processes
  • Accounting for individuals and societies
  • Management reports for local and international purposes
  • Preparing and submitting information about the business (balances, cash flows, budget, etc.)
  • Liquidation, monthly and annual presentation of local or municipal tax returns
  • Conversion to US GAAP / IFRS.
  • Banking
  • Procedures with control entities
  • Collections and payments to suppliers
  • Treasury
  • Payroll